Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A couple of Things

15 mm

Just a couple of 15mm minis. I have two more of these Things to finish up... perhaps next week? I have a Khurasan order coming in with some oil barrels I'd like to add as base dressing. (I also finally ordered these, which I'm looking forward to painting... and I see there are some new Riflething sculpts available, if I want to expand my collection)

My available "hobby time" has settled down to ~ 5:30-6:30 am, which is nice because I've got a big cup of coffee in front of me, the house is quiet, and my wife and kidlet are asleep. The downside is that absolutely nothing noisy can be done, which rules out, eg. listening to some inspirational Bolt Thrower, or firing up the Dremel to grind off some attached bases :P

Also, for the record, I'd like to thank javi for producing this amazing piece in his inimitable style:

For those familiar with the game Half-Life, it's a... nose-crab. Not really any less parasitically horrific than the standard headcrabs, IMO.


  1. Awesome job on these. I don't have a baby, but I've considered getting up early for some quiet paint time while my girlfriend is asleep. The trick is getting up.

  2. Still love this colour sceme, Allison. I'm going to have to copy these I'm afraid, me old mate! Thanks for the inspiration! You'll get used to the early start, by the way!

  3. Gunrunner: doooooo it! It's an easy enough colour scheme to lay down, that's for sure. And they'll stand out well enough on the table, being so pale. Just be sure to give your bases a little bit of colour or they'll look kind of monochrome (this is also the purpose of the green rifles).

    Spacejacker: oh, getting up is not a problem. I just wake up a bit, and start thinking about the OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND things I have to deal with in the next 24 hours. Guaranteed sleeplessness. There's a reason I need a calming, detail-oriented hobby.

  4. I think I'm going to copy that scheme too... Maybe it's my eyes but to me looks like fabric has a cold shade of grey (blueish hue like space wolves grey) while the armor plating has a warm grey one, but not sure of wich color you used there.

    Maybe it's just the contrast between the cold grey and the plain white that makes it look warm like it had a tiny bit of sepia mixed in.

    Anyhow I'd like to know the exact recipe; It's hard to get brilliant combos of the same color just using muted ones (mostly browns and grey in your case)

    Oh and thanks for the credit. I actually had tons of fun with it! BTW I've uploaded a bunch of better pics.

    Glad to know that you still can manage to combine your hobby w/parenthood (quite time-consuming stuff!)

  5. Incredible work on those rifle things. They look fantastic!


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