Monday, February 20, 2012

Some works in progress...

The Doctor's TARDIS
35 mm

The TARDIS. It's blue. When it's done, it'll be less-patchy blue, with a nice base.

15 mm

I thought I'd do these guys a little differently, to show them working as a team. Or, you know, hanging around a trash barrel, but whatever.


  1. Diorama title: "Surrounded by hobos" ;)

  2. WIP pics hype me way too much. Results, please ;)

    Really looking forward how that blue will turn out...

  3. Javi... you might have to wait a bit for these. Lots of real life stuff going on here. Anyway you already know what they'll look like. White and grey, some messy debris and shit on the base :)

    I'll prob. repaint the TARDIS a lighter shade of that blue, then shade it with a dark wash. Might save me some tedious highlighting.

  4. And now for something completely different... have anyone considered nowadays... to go back in time and try actual drybrushing ? I bet it's still fun (but don't dare to try myself).

    That would save a lot of time :)


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