Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mi casa...

Well, As part of the Real Life Package TM it looks like we're buying a house:

(Artist's impression)

I normally try not to put too much personal stuff on this blog because, frankly, nobody cares. But one small reason I'm excited about this move is that I'll finally be able to replace this

Old painting space

with this

New painting space

Actually, right now I don't even have "a space" at all, and all my stuff lives in a little wheeled cart so I can paint at the kitchen table and then put it away. So needless to say I am looking forward to this :)


  1. I'm moving soon and am looking forward to a new hobby area!

  2. Hey, good luck Allison! Nice pad-any guest rooms with painting classes included?!

  3. Good luck mate, hope you get a settled hobby space in yer new digs sorted quickstyle :)

  4. Glad to know, good luck with that! (and really fun aproach to it, pic-wise btw).

    We will be moving soon too (3-4 months) and my fiancee is so happy about the extra space she even told me we could "invite some of your fellow bloggers" (clearly she knows we hobbyists are all married old farts; I bet she'd be completely different if you people were single 20 year old painting girls).

    I guess I'd better be preparing guests room and our kinect cause looks like both will be seeing lots of action in the near future...

  5. Wow... looks like everyone's moving!

    Javi, sad to say I myself don't know any other hobbyists in "meat space", just here online :) But enjoy your middle aged nerd paint-and-cheese party... I'd love to have one of those :P


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