Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Say it ain't so, kid!

Khurasan Miniatures has had to close shop temporarily while the owner deals with some kind of personal issue. As seen on other, more popular blogs, he has many fans who are slightly despondent about this - Khurasan is all about quality and service, and is easily one of the most creative ranges out there, in any scale! (see below...)

And of course there's the person behind the company name, who obviously is having something serious going on, usually these are not pleasant situations :(

I'll leave you with a reminder why I love this little outfit so much:

Who else makes figures of a monster from a notoriously bad 50' B-movie about an alien in a gorilla suit/diving helmet?


  1. Aw, that's a shame--those are fantastic minis! What size are they?

  2. I'm so proud of myself for identifying the "Robot Monster" before hovering over the wikipedia link you provided.

  3. Jay: the Robot Monsters are 15 mm, like most of Khurasan's stuff. Though his 25/28 mm pieces are also excellent.

  4. lovely stuff... I also recognized that freak but I'm not sure If I am to be proud or blush for being such old/geek to instant noticing it!

    Now you just need the spider-rat-bat-crab from that "angry red planet" movie...

    BTW nice paintjob, specially for that scale. I lile your 15mm's better than your 28's

  5. lile = like (rolleyes)


  6. Not my paint job, J... As the post indicates, I can't even buy these figures right now :(

  7. somehow misdsunderstood you... I believed you got those before they closed the shop :( sad news, anyways.


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