Monday, June 06, 2011

Robot Detective

28 mm

Another one of my recent Doctor Who purchases... Not much to look at yet, admittedly.

The Robots of Death is a classic Doctor Who serial from the Tom Baker era. Aboard a giant mobile mining vehicle largely staffed by humanoid robots, the Doctor and Leela have to solve a mystery - who is murdering the crew one by one?

D-84 is an intelligent detective, disguised as a "Dumb" class labour robot, put on board to protect the crew from the murderer. Eventually he sacrifices himself to save the doctor and remaining crew members.


  1. Nice mini, and a Doc. Who classic indeed. Look forward to seeing this one all painted up nice :)

  2. Whait... this is a green. You said several times you suck at sculpting so is this just a pic of the master from the mini you purchased ?

    The fact you wrote 'purchased' but are showing a green puzzles me.

    Maybe it's just I'm so eager to see you sculpting sculpt from scratch that my mind tricks itself :)

  3. Heh, not a green, just base-coated green! Some pics online show the robots as black, but I think they're supposed to be a dull black-green.

    Also, oddly, the sculpt is slightly different (eg. the gloves) from the robots seen in the show. Someone goofed... but the amazingly bang-on distinctive face and head more than makes up for it.

    Anyway, Javi, my next post WILL have some green putty work in it... maybe not a whole mini, but fun nonetheless ;)


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