Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Domo Arigato

28 mm

Took me long enough... The quilted pattern of his clothes was so damn fussy to paint. I think the result looks decent enough.

I really, really need to paint more, and make better use of my time. I have the Octopus God cultists to work on too, and they haven't progressed much (I blame trying to paint the Italian seasoning).


  1. Fight crime? Pffft. Everyone know the D-series can't talk.

    It's a great, fun piece. The quilting is indeed nicely done. More robots should have sculpted hair. In fact, I think the dark 41st millennium might be completely bereft of them.

    I can't figure the floor out. The grating is a good idea, but something about the planks seems off to me. I wish I had a better suggestion.

  2. As Leela said "You're just a mechanical man! You're not real!". Poor D84...

    Glad you like him! Re: the base, the episode set had a lot of featureless off-white/tan walls etc. I was trying to temper that with a bit of industrial-looking detail (that the set budget probably didn't allow). It does look a bit like wood, perhaps I should just paint the slats white and be done with it :)

  3. Nice greens, love the contrast between silver and dark green...

    Have you tried to glaze silver parts green ? I mean, an overall green really light glaze not to turn silver to greenish metal but to bring both colors a bit closer.

    Anyway, love how it came out. The base, yet making sense (tv series-wise) looks weird, maybe it's just contrast, you know, a dark mini over a really light base...

    Hope to see more stuff soon, keep the good stuff coming!


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