Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cult of the Octopus God - finished!

The Cult of the Octopus God
15 mm

These turned out so well, I should have done three or four! Oh well, I can always do a couple more if I feel like it :) Keeping the same swampy theme of course, I decided their tentacled faces were not masks, so I kept the green skin/pinkish tentacles and black eyes from my previous Great Cthulhu. Just to tie everything together.

EDIT: another version of these, the "official" Khurasan paint jobs by Spacejacker. More colourful.


  1. Fantastic work. I want to use a very similar scheme too.. Think I'll ebay mine and buy a new set!

  2. Edit: Just added a link to Spacejacker's version of these... With red cloaks, they must have a more upscale tailor than mine do.

  3. Not to offend Spacejacker (love his Garns) but yours look better or at least I like yours better.

    That proves that a muted down color scheme can work pretty well in 15 mm.

    The green thing in the staff made me go OMFG ! at first glance.

    Maybe one of your best works (and maybe one of the greatest 15mm ever seen. From anyone. Period.)

    I also love the "scenic bases" but tohse minis look better glued to smaller 20mm round bases (instead of traditional 25mm round ones).

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing. It was very inspiring.


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