Friday, July 29, 2011

The Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor
25 mm

I'll admit I've never actually watched an episode of Doctor Who featuring Peter Davison as the Fifth doctor; my knowledge of the stories comes entirely from reading the Terrence Dicks novelizations as a child. (I think the last time I saw this actor he was elbow deep in a cow...). Still, I've been looking forward to painting my Doctors, including this one who wears celery.

A Harlequin/Black Tree miniature.


  1. You never seen a Davison series?

    Fuck sake mate, your a 'Who-noob'

    Serously though, why the fascination with it?

  2. Ouch. "Noob"? That cuts, man, like a knife. The trouble with a series that went on for decades is that it's hard to NOT be a noob.

    As for the fascination... I'm not sure. A hero who uses brains over violence, in a series that pulls out most of the stops on weirdness and sometimes cheese, but still manages to have compelling characters, great writing and emotional impact. What's NOT to like?

  3. I cut my teeth on Peter Davison's Doctor, unlike most of my contemporaries who came to love the show during the Tom Baker years.

    The mini seems to have quite a "hair shelf" going on.


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