Thursday, August 04, 2011

Not quite cricket

The Doctor: some personality emerges... maybe a little too much personality. I'll have to dial back the shadows around his eyes just a little, lest he look like some kind of deranged drug addict:

And I started on a new adversary for him too:

Sontaran Warrior
25 mm

Sure, they look like potatoes with limbs, but the Doctor calls them the galaxy's greatest soldiers. This guy wasn't sculpted very faithfully, I had to reduce his number of fingers, and add the "probic vent" on his neck (which is only, you know, the #1 plot device associated with Sontarans):

Boom, right up the bung hole


  1. The doc is looking good, maybe add a little more shading to separate the areas though?

    Sontarans....truly, erm...frightening? lol

    ..cant believe they didnt sculpt the vent thingy..

    keep up the good work (and go watch 'The Time Warrior' for added inspiration/giggles/etc)

  2. It's amazing how just adding the red piping turned him from "beige guy" into The Doctor...

    I've got "The Sontaran Experiment" cued on Dailymotion for when I have time to watch it. Also a 4th Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith episode, but I see that "The Time Warrior" was her debut as well as the Sontarans'! More reason to hunt it down...

  3. The doctor is shaping like a winner in my book. Looks like you got a nice bright base to start blocking down some shadows.

    The red stripes work miracles here, sir!

    BTW, don't want to be too picky but, may the face use some pink hue ? IMHO looks too orage-ish brown to me, at least in the pic.

    Can't wait to see those pair finished.



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