Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adversaries through time and space

The Fifth Doctor
28 mm

All done! And I'm pretty happy with it. The Doctor's amazing trousers were a bit of a freehand challenge... and with freehand being my real weakness, those stripes did not come easy. I'm never sure how to approach shading with a painted-on pattern: in this case I shaded the tan base and then painted the detail: white & olive stripes, then red. The result is only okay IMO.

Also, I actually had to add detail to his feet 3/4 of the way through painting him, when I realized they looked more like blank, deformed dinner rolls than sneakers. It's like they were sculpted by Rob Liefield :(

As for the base... it's a cricket ball. Very fitting for the Fifth Doctor.

Sontaran Warrior
28 mm

As for the Sontaran, not the most exciting colours ever, that's for sure. I've tried to make up for it by making his ugly skin look really convincing, and putting some earth tones and grass on his base. Originally his base was going to be castle flagstones, referencing "The Time Warrior", but I decided that would be too similar to his grey uniform to look good.


  1. Very nice work indeed, the doc looks great.

  2. Awesomenastic !

    By the way you are right, freehand is something tricky to get it right somehow kills the shading effect on the base colour.

    Glad to see you didn'y go flagstone for the Mr. Space-Potato tho :)

  3. A fitting tribute to my favorite Dr. (for many years.) I always find that having to clean up the freehand kills my base color. Anything intricate goes unhighlighted until it's done, and then only highlighted in very select areas.

    Sontarans.... these guys are probably more like what real Space Marines would look like, not the adolescent power fantasy Aryans typically portrayed in the dark, dark 41st millennium.

  4. Mike - the products of advanced genetic engineering: ruthless, psychotically arrogant, but extremely competent soldiers? Good point, that does describe Space Marines AND Sontarans :)

    Glad you like the Doctor, he was actually a pretty quick and fun paint job. I'd recommend the figure if you can bring yourself to order it from Black Tree (though you might find an older casting on eBay).


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