Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What? A month? I've been working on a "quick" 15mm project to post here, but somehow time has flown by.

In the meantime, this is all I've finished painting:

I promise I'll have something worth looking at soon. Really.


  1. Again, I know how you might feel... this month my mother-in-law (hate how is this concept in english!) made us a present. It actually was a set of coasters... knitwear ones.

    If that wasn't awful enough, we (mostly me) had to decorate two wooden boxes to store them.

    So I spent the month painting but something I'm not man enough to share with others.

    At least in the process I gave Vallejo's crackle medium a go, plus a tube of vallejo acrylic black paint that actually behaves like oil based paints (weird).

    On the bright side today I sculpted a black mesa scientist. I just need to finish his arms. And maybe something to dress his head with ;)

    I hope see something a bit more wargame-ish than that basket in your next post, cheers!

  2. Is that a carrying bassinet? I don't think I've seen one like that before.

  3. I hope it's not for carrying, it weighs a f**kton. It has a wheely base. It's also so old (60's era) that the paint probably has a bit more lead than is now considered okay - hence the thick coat of modern low-VOC latex...

  4. Forgot to ask but, it's supposed to be used with children ?

    Looks like I'd put a cat inside rather than a baby... from pics it feels quite... fragile.

    By the way, yeah, Arts School. I'm a bit ashamed since I imagine myself surrounded by people quite younger than me :D

    Uh, any chances we'll be seeing more food sculpts (like XMAS and Halloween ones) anytime soon ? That stuff really comes handy when you want to impress the wife!

  5. PS: Impressive pop up effect! Images didn't pop like that last time I checked ya blog!

    Feels like "lightbox" just without the ads. I've been trying to do something similar @ my blog but those stuff usually requires enough extra work to keep me off.

  6. Beats me, man. It just started happening yesterday all on its own. I didn't change anything. I do like it though.

  7. What the... just noticed it's happening all over blogspot!

    Haleluyah! See ? procastinating can't be that bad if you (me) end up getting stuff done anyways.


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