Friday, September 16, 2011

Bug Hunt

Alien Warriors

"Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bug hunt?"
"All we know is that there's still no contact with the colony, and that a xenomorph may be involved."

OK, here's that "quick project" that took a month to finish: Khurasan's Space Demons, with an "abandoned colony" basing theme.

I resorted to *gasp* drybrushing these, and it really shows. But I'm not sure how else you could paint them in a reasonable amount of time, except maybe painting them light grey and dipping them with a pure black dip. The head carapaces were blended though, those would have looked terrible drybrushed.

"THEY cut the power? How could they cut the power, man? They're animals!"


  1. Absolutely love those critters!

    I've stood away from buying commercial miniatures for a decade or so but temptation is so great with Khurasan's minis. Damn you and Spacejacker!

    And now, for something completely different. Does anyone remember the times when Drybrushing was actually FANCY !?

    Somehow in the internets era with all the glazing and photoshoping providing pics that catch more than meets the eye, yay... how could I put this. It's kinda getting me a tad sick.

    I mean, go back 15 years in time (avoid the morloks) and tell people about ice/wet palette, pigments, cork decorsted bases and you'll be granted a lifetyme at the asylum.

    I'm not fond on dipping and lately don't use drybrush that much cause, well... I'm masochist. I prime my models grey even if I have to paint a Venom figure so lest's say I just take the longest path to achieve something.

    This is a comment on general basis about our hobby and how it's pushing the limits beyond crazyness, like drybrusing or blacklining being treated as sub-par techniques or just outdated.

    Even if your goal is to produce AAA minis, old and simple techniques have proven to be FFF ( Fast, Fun and F*king-Efective).

    Seriously, 15 mm (and even 28mm ones) minis look good drybrushed. Bring back the bright paintjob days!

  2. Pick up a few Khurasan figures, what's the worst that can happen? I could gift you a couple if you like, so it wouldn't even cost you :) After all, you may decide 15 mm is not a fun scale for you to work in.

    What 15 mm IS, is economical and quick. A whole unit of 15 mm costs as much as a few 25 mm figures, could be painted up in hours... and they're so cute and little! And Spacejacker's work is proof they can be painted to high-display quality.

    As for drybrushing, I'd totally use it for gaming models - layering or blending highlights takes way too long! For these xenos, I think if I wanted to redo them I'd try a dipping method, as mentioned in my post.

  3. Before the crazyness of internet and the blooming of the hobby, I reworked out a micromachines ALIENS figure (nice 25mm-ish) and after stripping some paint I realised the model was actually cast in green plastic, some kind of old citadel jade green, maybe a bit metallic.

    So I repainted it that way and just washed (no dipping known back at the day) twice or so with black.

    Then, hold your machos, washed the model with cooking olive oil to make it look slimy!

    Even after a coat of sealer and a decade or so later, they still look like you could get your hands dirty if you touch them, so yeah... dipping (shinny one) should do the trich even better than drybrushing IMHO.


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