Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sick Day(s) Project

HeroQuest Mummy
28 mm

I did most of the work on this guy while laid up with a cold, and then (unrelatedly) recovering from having a long skinny medical instrument jammed through my body via some of my larger blood vessels. Not optimal painting conditions, but this wasn't exactly a groundbreaking paint job either. Still, I like the results.

Size comparison with an old Citadel mummy from "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb". HeroQuest figures are a lot closer to modern "heroic 25/28mm":


  1. Do you realize sometimes you over-criticyse your own works? looks between 6+ or 7 on CMON basis and freaking awesome for a HQ figure (you know old fashion paintjobs, no basing, mummyskin = green or purple and just drybush all over the place).

    Like it alot, reminds me my very own mummy (the one I sculped when I was back from Cairo lol)

  2. Thanks! Don't worry, I think I did a decent job on this. But it's just, well it's basically one colour with some shading and highlights.

    I sure do think it beats the pants off my previous mummy, as seen above, though. That one's drybrushed all over!

  3. Super nice work on that - I received one in a lovely random lot from eBay - it's currently on the workbench and will likely be battling a repainted Hellboy :)

  4. This is by far the best paint job I've seen on that particular miniature, and trust me... I've seen a lot. I really like the skin tone, definitely unusual but it works very well.


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