Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hell hath no fury like...

...a small pewter woman, well-painted. The Chick Challenge 2010 entries have finally all been posted, and they are an interesting bunch! My "Victoria" is in the Open category, where the competition includes things like this... and this... and this.

Yeah, this is why I don't play to win :P Fortunately, seeing such amazing work by others is a pleasure in itself.


  1. It's a fine piece of work! Wren's work really catches the eye too.

    I absolutely agree with you about just being in the comp. I'm going to enter Crystal Brush next year just to take part in the first one and see the other entries in person.

  2. How was it ? ..."the fun is in the chase, not in the catch".

    IMHO it should be any painter's mindset. I sometimes feel sick at how some painters want so bad to push the limits of the hobbie just for ego raising purposes.

    Nice entries you linked, not the usual babes but still a boobs(fun)-boobs(weird)-leg(classic out of context) combo in my book. I should have sculpted a Ms. Packman mini and submitted it. I meant, the multiple eyed bust is sweet but those two hanging bags look unnecessary to me, like they were put there to make it fit to the contest's theme.


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