Friday, December 17, 2010

Screaming, screaming for vengeance

Some work on the Necromancer, much-delayed by Christmas stuff. It turns out that if my wife goes out for a few hours and I can blare 80's metal through the house, I actually don't mind fussy layering on smooth surfaces:

OK, so the music didn't improve my ability any. I think the Skeletor look will actually turn out okay, maybe a bit cartoony but I don't mind that. His green skull face actually looks genuinely sinister.

Also, a very geeky paper Xmas ornament I came up with, using some internet papercraft and clipart designs printed off and hand-coloured:

Yeah, that's a Stargate :D


  1. It all makes sense now. "North Pole" is just a mis-translation of the ancient Clausian Manuscripts. My eyes have been opened.

  2. skeletor is looking very good, very nice green you using GW paints?
    christmas Stargate also very funny

    Peace James

  3. I'm also intrigued about the green skull recipe. BTW, it looks fantastic, can't wait to see heroquest's barbarian in front of him.

    LMAO @ stargate prop... shall those be deer-headed goaul'ds ?

  4. To the best of my recall, the green was done by base coating the skull with rotting flesh or bleached bone. A heavy goblin green wash over that, then highlighting up with putrid green and a touch of white. It didn't turn out yellowish as I'd intended but I liked the effect in the end.


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