Tuesday, December 07, 2010

End Zone Interception!

HeroQuest Necromancer
32 mm

I've wanted to paint one of these for a long time... I never figured I'd get my hands on one. (And yeah, he does look like he's waiting for a football to fly out of the sky)

I'm not sure what to do with the base now that I've extracted his feet from it... Pentagram? Some Chaos-y torn cork rocks? Skulls and bones? I'm a little short on ideas.


  1. I think a pile of sckulls would fit the figure, I remember painting this when the game first came out, god I feel old
    Peace James

  2. Feeling old... hehe, with all these young punks running around the hobby, it's a common phenomenon for anyone who can actually remember, oh... the 90's, let alone the 80's ;)

    And I do like the idea of skulls, maybe not a whole pile, but definitely more than just the one on his shoulders. With that pose he is presumably casting some spell or other; he should have a "ritual" themed base.

  3. Looks like morning calisthenics for the Legion of Skull-Laden Doom.

  4. You should have gone for the pervy-skull-headed man-molesting-kids-in-the-park base.

    "Come little boys, I got candy just right here..."

    Wasn't it obvious looking how he's stancing?

    Anyway, while being an horrible idea it would have been a different approach than the typical sculls base idea.


    Extra: might you consider painting the skull green-yellow and his body skin blue, Master's of the universe's Skeletor fashioned ?

    Personal note: maybe too funly scheme.

  5. Waaaay ahead of you buddy. He's already base coated as Skeletor ;)


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