Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Whoever wins... we lose"

Alien versus Predator
15 mm scale

I never thought that tagline made sense - Predators supposedly kill a few armed people at a time, whereas Xenomorphs kill everyone indiscriminately. Not really equivalent.

Figures are "Vacation Alien" and "Space Demon" from Khurasan Miniatures. I don't see the Hunters on the site any more, I wonder if someone's lawyer gave him a call? (ed. - they're under "cinematic aliens", along with the classic B-movie Martians)

For basing, I'm going to sculpt some of that chitinous crap that Xenomorphs secrete all over their nesting areas in the movies, and maybe some techy floor remnants to fill out the base area for an infested colony effect.

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  1. can't wait to see those done.

    try desert + tech base w/ little nesting goo on tech parts; the original comics have it that a human colony on desert like/mars planet was visited by those pesky neighbours.

    Love the minis, should try to go back to the REAL hobbie w/ 15mm guys like those.


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