Monday, October 04, 2010

Mini Exchange #24 (that's a lot of exchanges!)

Well I participated in another Miniature Exchange this month, through Cool Mini or Not. I received some interesting stuff from leopardpixie, and I think this is the quickest I've ever painted what I received.

20 mm

African Shaman
20 mm

The first one is cute, the second is of... well, questionable cultural sensitivity. Also he's really thin and his legs broke off at the knees! That must be why he holds the spear. Fortunately, epoxy glue to the rescue.


  1. I love those over the top minis, they are so funny and fresh opposed to the army style miniatures of mainstream brands.

    Don't mind cultural sensitivity at all (minis-wise) since IMHO minis are meant to be fun and colorful not groundbreaking art masterpieces with lots of overcomplicated techniques, elegant sculpts and concepts to show off thru the internet (end of my rant to nowaday's hobbyists).

    The 1st one is odd, the hairy guy I meant. It was hard to understand what was going on at 1st glance.

    Great skintone on the 2nd, would you mind giving us your recipe for african skintone?

    I like a lot the color on the base and how it contrast with the black rim (way better that dark brown) speaking of wich, what kind of base is that ? its rim falls straight perpendicular to the table instead of in angle like the citadel / rackham ones.

    greit joooorrrb! (;D)


  2. The "hairy guy" is called a "Waggamaeph", from Crunch Waffle and sculpted by onetime Coolmini member Cindy Dukino (who was actually my Mini Exchange recipient back in 2005). Usually not my sort of thing, but I can do cute from time to time, when the stars are right.

    As for painting dark skin, the trick is to not make your highlights "ashy", but warm and a little yellow/peachy. This guy was basecoated with GW Scorched Brown, shaded with almost-black, highlighted with mixes of warm yellow and brown, with top highlights of brown/GW Bleached Bone. I guess I didn't highlight as smoothly or as strongly as I could have but hey, it's a quickie.

  3. Ah! That first one has a real 'Chaka' feel (from The Land of the Lost) Both minis have a whisical bright feel to them, that works well.

  4. I think the Waggamaeph was inspired by "Gurgi" from the Chronicles of Prydain. So many munchings and crunchings...


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