Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Uber Villain

The Red Skull
15 mm

This is a quick conversion and paint job I did for my brother over the Thanksgiving weekend... a new commander for his Flames of War German army.

Red Skull was Captain America's wartime nemesis: a ruthlessly evil supervillain allied with the Nazis (but always pursuing his own agenda).

The original Red Skull as he appeared in comic books:


  1. It is inevitable that FoW will start to incorporate heroic characters now. What have you wrought?

    Oh! And the Nazis should totally get occult powers!

  2. AWESOME! Red skull + FOW came instantly to my mind as soon as the pic loaded into my screen, needless to read the post title nor description.

    I've always been more on the DC side than Marvel's but did like Cap' America's (along with that afroamerican hawk dude Cap' teamed with) adventures, specially when red skull showed up. Great villain, Great conversion.

    Love how you managed to do a cool conversion and still keep the colors down when usually comic based minis get bright and saturated colors.


  3. I see Agis got to this project before me...


    AND did Captain America in 15 mm too! I still think my Red Skull is better :)

  4. Mmn... juicy link thanks!

    That 15mm cap' America flipped my wig for sure but I'll give you that your Red Skull is better. In fact, there is something to your mini that makes it work fine while the other one feels wrong (compared to yours of course).

    Maybe it's your paintjob, maybe your color or body-pose choices I can't tell.

    Somehow I like his head piece better than yours (I think he swapped heads with a 15mm skeleton while you re-sculpted the head) but the overall feel you achieved is more appealing.

    BTW, thanks for your comments :) I'm aware that the odd style I use undermines in some ways the efforts I put both on painting and sculpting but as long as I'm in for the fun of doing it not the results it's ok :)

    Hope you'll keep that updating spree!


  5. Yep, it's better than Agis' chunky one! (his is still good!) When I read you did it over Thanksgiving weekend, I thought I was reading an old post...then it dawned on me you're one of those pesky Canadians!


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