Saturday, October 28, 2006

WIP - The Monk

He's not much to look at yet... I'm trying for a look on the boiler like it's painted white but rusting through.


  1. Cyril (neomodel) did a tutorial on this subject (my inspiration for my latest -and 1st- rust project).

    According to him, 1st paint all metalic and rusted, then apply hobby masking fluid with an sponge or similar, then paint the color, white in your case, and then remove the mask. Yellow + orange glazes over the final result might be interesting too.

    It would be interesting to give him a green glaze on his skin or something that makes him look a bit sick of being the imperial plumber (lots of scat.)

  2. LOL,

    for the past couple days, I thought his name was WIP...hah!

    Then it started to sink in. Work In Progess. not Wip the monk, as in "Wip! you no good servant plumber. The king has decreed you fix the blockage on stack 12 deck 3. And this time don't dump the stack in the Queens bath!"

    ahhhh, Wip, such a screw up.


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