Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A winner!

Well, I'm pleased to say my figure "Esmeralda the Green Velvet Pirate" took first prize in the "Wenches" category in the Exodus Road Hobbies Pirates painting contest!

32 mm

I'm really happy with how this turned out, especially the face, velvet effect, and metals. All the contest entries are posted here.

Chutney and Mango
7 mm

A little tribute to two lovely cats, one of whom has recently passed on. We miss you, Mango :(

Figures are from Mega Miniatures. I haven't decided what to put on the base yet, perhaps some plants and grass.


  1. You're becoming damn better really quickly !!

    I'm speechless about the pirate, you managed to do some neat NMM (people who've mastered it tends to overdo NMM) velvet and face are fantastic but probably the best parts are the yellows and the hair. Pretty long for being speechless huh? ;)

    I'm saving that pic into my comp.

    'bout the kitties, the figure look so realistic(and their pink noses ase so cute)... grass? yeah and a plasticard frisbee over the grass... seriously, NO! those cutties desevere a sofa base! just a lumb of green stuff over the base, then add a bit of detail and voilá.

    Glad to see it took the 1st place :)

  2. Hey,

    Congrats on the pirate. It is a really nicely painted mini!

    Nice job on the kitties. Grass though? Maybe try a stick of butter with half the foil ripped off and an entire of roll of toilet paper...shredded!

  3. Yeah Caleb, you got a point there ;) But I think the base is too uneven to look like my apt. floor... I wish I could have removed all of the bases on the cats but they are too tiny - didn't want to savage my fingertips with the Dremel cutter :O

  4. congratulations on winning first prize allison! :D

  5. That's really cool, congratulations on the contest. Winning stuff is fun.

    And the cats are cute.

  6. Man those are some nice pussies, but that girl has totally sharp knees. I would so not hit that!!!


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