Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trade deficit

My two or three readers may have noticed it's been weeks since I posted... well not much painting is getting done, I'm sorry to say. It's just a mental state of un-creativity, and probably laziness. Very annoying and utterly my fault. Of course in the meantime, more unpainted metal has arrived:

80's-vintage Space Marines from eBay - a real find. Cast in 100% pure LEAD, they sure don't make em out of that anymore.

Prizes from the Pirates contest... more pirates! (and, fortunately, a $20 gift certificate to buy non-pirates.)


  1. Yay! Sure... lack of creativity but ultimately it's lazyness, I tell you.

    Take those pieces as example: the marines need no cretivity at all, just decide a color scheme and go for it. Pirates, on the other hand, are freehand friendly so you might think some patterns or effects (like velvet!)

    Bottom line is, sometimes the real fun is to go wild on glazes, etc. but getting a mini flash free, clean, primed and basecoated (no to mention to put out the box your tools, brushes, paint pots...) isn't much motivating. That's my case at least.

    Try to think that you are expressing yourself while painting and in fact putting a bit of yourself in each brushtroke; a few feel really excited when you show your latest work.

    I know cause I'm eager to see te latest minis from my favorite painters and sculptors and it's like a ray of sun in a cloudly day when you find a new pic while you are at the office :)

    By the way, love those marines... lead, yummy! ;) Now move and start painting someting, I swear!

    Mr. Taltoomuch has left the building.

  2. Hey Allison,

    sometimes its hard to find inspiration. I think thats why most are is about love, sex, and death, or some f'd combination of the three.

    Those emotions always drive us to express ourselves. maybe its hard to translate that to minis. I am not sure, seeing as the only artistry I engage in is the selection of the appropriate curse word.


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