Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Meow Mix

Chutney and Mango
7 mm

All done! The sculpts are not great likenesses but they'll do. The sunflower head is sculpted from putty, the stalk and leaves are wire and bag ties. I really enjoyed this project, though painting mini-Mango made me kind of melancholy...


  1. Nice job on the flower. I really like the picture of the two of them together.

    I think when you do something like that painting it is supposed to be cathartic. but melancholy....I can see that.

    talk to ya later. nice to see a new post.

  2. Nice kitties. Shall I remind you (discworld) that Death loves kitties? (cheers ;)

    I know how does it feel to lose a pet, specially when it's more like a member of the family. This piece is sure a great tribute :)

    nice sunflower, love it.

  3. Hey very cool! I just finished the Giant btw :P


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