Thursday, December 01, 2016

Family Ties

High Class Doctor and his Eccentric Sister
15 mm

"You gave up everything you had to find me. You found me broken. It's hard for you. You gave up everything you had." 
"Mei-mei, everything I have is right here."

The children of a wealthy family on a comfortable world, he saved her from government brainwashing and now they hide among the outlaws and smugglers of the outer rim planets, where she turns out to have disturbingly good survival skills...

Figures are, once again, by Ground Zero Games.  Still a nice set, but some of the sculpting here was really frustrating.  Even in 15mm, you don't make a painter's life any easier when you take a character who looks like this:

and sculpt him like this...


  1. Haha, I guess it isn't always easy to sculpt a figure so small so it matches an existing character.
    You did another wonderful paintjob on these two though. From the painted curves in the hair to the lovely dress, they both look amazing.

    1. Oh I know, I shouldn't be too hard on any sculptor considering how terrible I am at it. But yeah, this mini is pretty lantern-jawed and beetle-browed...

  2. Very nice work on the highlights and basing. I struggled with her somewhat uninspiring sculpt as well.

  3. I find many, many sculpts in even 25mm that are meant to look like real people actually look like mannequins. But what really depresses me is the idea that in the distant future, sweater vests will still be a thing.

    In any case, great project and great painting on this minuscule scale.

  4. Pretty clean for just having climbed out of the storm drain.

  5. You have brought everything out of those sculpts that you could. Great paint!!


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