Friday, December 30, 2016

Death in Vacuum

Grim Reaperbot
15 mm

Space travelers can be an oddly superstitious bunch, and lurid tales abound in ports across the galaxy about eerie and gruesome encounters out in "The Black".  One of the strangest, usually laughed off nervously by sensible folk, is of the Reaperbot... a metallic figure who appears out of nowhere to claim the lives of unwary spacers.  Nobody can claim they actually know someone who's seen it... but everyone knows the stories.

Miniature is Ion Age's "Grim Reaperbot", skulls are from

"You hear something?"


  1. His scythe looks like an energy weapons of something like that with the green glow.
    While he's a bit menacing, he reminds me a bit of the Discworld Death as well. I can't really explain why, perhaps the pose.

    1. THANK YOU.

      He is striking a bit of a... pose pose, isn't he ;)

    2. :) Indeed!
      Happy New Year in advance by the way!

  2. Don't fear the Reaper! Great stuff Allison, hope the New Year continues with more of your output.

  3. Real beauties... that sci-fi reaper!


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