Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fly the Friendly Skies

Cutie-pie Mechanic and Cheerful Pilot
15 mm

"Everyone's got somebody.  Wash, tell me I'm pretty."
'"Were I unwed, I would take you in a manly fashion."
"'Cause I'm pretty?"
"'Cause you're pretty."

Another pair of Ground Zero Games' spaceship crew.  This time it's the perennially upbeat yet lovelorn ship's engineer, and the goofy plastic-dinosaur-playing pilot.  These are also really fine sculpts which I made look sort of like Smurfs.  But still enjoyable to paint with a few opportunities for teeny tiny freehand.  I don't actually yet own the Captain, First Mate, and Security figures, but I do have the Physician and His Weird Sister that I can have a go at next.


  1. That freehand you did on Wash's shirt is breathtaking given the scale.
    Another fine addition to your growing collection, you must have quite a large display case to show them all off.

  2. Painting eyes on 15mms you are a better man than me!! (I could not manage that)

  3. You have hit a new high, IMHO, with regards to miniature painting excellence. Great job, Mr. M.

  4. As Wouter said, your free hand on Wash's shirt is grand. But what really impressed me was how well you captured Kaylee's sweet expression. It really is remarkable given the scale. Looking forward to more!


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