Monday, November 07, 2016

Galactic Warrior of Dundee

Angus McFife XIII
15 mm

Angus McFife XIII my name
Scion of mighty Dundee
Intergalactic great hero of steel
Ruler of the whole galaxy

Wielding this ancestral weapon
The Hammer of Glory its name
The Kingdom of Fife will forever proclaim

Angus McFife the Thirteenth, king of the Intergalactic Empire of Fife, is the hero of the ridiculous(ly awesome) concept album Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards by power metal band Gloryhammer.  Armed with the Hammer of Glory ("powered by lasers entwined in a star") and aided by his allies the Hollywood Hootsman and the Knights of Crail, he battles the evil space wizard Zargothrax, who intends to destroy the universe.

If this all sounds incredibly cheesy, that's because it is...

Warriors of planet Earth, hear my raging cry
For mighty Dundee, the demons will die!

Angus McFife is a converted Prydain Retained Knight from The Ion Age.


  1. Haha, that last picture is just great!
    Well painted! Some nice NMM's and detailing, both aren't easy to do on a miniature that small.

    1. Thanks. I feel like my brush control could use some work, but even with a magnifier, that tartan is at the limits of my ability :O

      Glad you like the montage too, I usually have a mental picture of something like that while I'm painting, and Photoshopping it together when I'm done is a fun wrap-up. This time, I discovered the Gradient Flare tool in GIMP ;)

    2. A blast from the outer rim!! Excellent. Mr. M.

  2. Excellent work! GBS

  3. How is that I never heard of Gloryhammer!? Thanks for the introduction. They seem about 1 part Hawkwind (circa Chronicle of the Black Sword), 1 part Spinal Tap (circa Stonehenge), 1 part Bolt Thrower (circa Bolt Thrower), mixed with simple syrup and shaken to a froth.

    Beautiful job on Angus!

    1. Thanks!

      Gloryhammer's a side project of the lead singer of pirate metal band Alestorm. Lots of painting inspiration there too...

    2. LMAO you never fail to deliver, Mr. Allison!

      Love the band, already own the deluxe álbum with the all instrumental 2nd disc (surprisingly enough I got it along with Anihilator's Suicide Society) Really funny stuff. Victorious Eagle warfare has been a favorite of mine since I 1st listened to it.

      Lovely mini but according to the music vid angus' armor is... Green! Heresy! :)

      Late but, happy 2017 and beware... The unicorn invasion of Dundee! ;D


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