Thursday, July 28, 2016

Riders of the saurian age

Hell Divers theropod rider
15 mm

Anyone on the 15 mm sci-fi Facebook group has already seen this, but I just started a fun little project.  I adapted a Clear Horizons "Hell Diver" figure to be the rider and sculpted a saddle out of putty.  There could be various explanations for soldiers in the future riding dinosaurs, but I can think of at least one based on fluff I've written in the past...

I mentioned the high-quality Schleich toy dinosaur in a previous post but never had a good idea what to do with it.  With a bit of putty added to cover up the embossed text on the belly, I think it's at least as good as most dino sculpts intended for gaming.  As oddly good as Schleich's paint jobs are, for some reason the primed model really gets my creative juices flowing...


  1. Great conversion mate! Btw you never need an excuse to have someone riding a dinosaur!

    1. Thanks guys :) As for excuses, not so much an "excuse" as biological justification. I just can't swallow the whole "cloned from scraps of DNA and extra frog genome" thing ;)

  2. A magnificent model and conversion.
    Well done!


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