Saturday, July 02, 2016

Moon walkers

Spacesuited research team
15 mm

Wearing light-duty environmental suits for planetary surface exploration, these civilian scientists carry various sensor gear.  A semi-autonomous rover accompanies them with larger instruments and communications equipment.

Figures are Ground Zero Games  SG15-V10 and SG15-V17 (astronauts) and V15-69C (rover).

The rover.  It's intended to be a military sensor drone, but I think yellow suits it.

After the horrific events of November 22, 2048, the artifact must now be kept
in hard vacuum and studied only by personnel wearing fail-safe devices.


  1. Something tells me we won't see these astronauts again, given the artifact they have to study.
    Again, nicely done.

  2. Some of my favorite GZG miniatures and you gave them such a great paint job. Love the visors effects.

  3. Very nice, especially the rover!


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