Monday, August 01, 2016

The flesh and the word

Courtesan and Preacher
15 mm

 "So, would you like to lecture me on the wickedness of my ways?"
 "I brought you some supper. But, if you'd *prefer* a lecture, I've a few very catchy ones prepped. Sin and hellfire. One has lepers."
 "I think I'll pass.  But thank you for this."

Two of Ground Zero Games' not-quite-Firefly crew figures.  These were challenging to paint, as the sculpting is very fine (though not quite to the extremes of Tom Meier's work).  I did not do the lady justice at all; her face was almost impossible to paint well, though I have seen others who pulled it off.  Her glamorous sari-like dress is very in character, I'll admit.  The preacher's humble attire and downcast face were easier to approach and I quite like the result.


  1. Like them, Mr. M. IMHO you nailed the faces spot-on.

  2. I think you did a great job, it is 15mm after all. While I'm not entirely convinced about the skintone on the preacher (might be the camera though) I think you the lady looks amazing.

    1. I've always had trouble with highlighting dark skin. I didn't want them to look too yellow, or reddish. But thanks. I think once the set is finished they'll look better than the individual figures, too :)

  3. Nice work! I love the simple but evocative bases.
    I think you did a fine job on the courtesan's face -- but I appreciate your anxiety. I've always found that painting the female face is one of the most challenging jobs. Too much lipstick or eyeliner and they look like Twisted Sister, but too little and they look like nothing at all.


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