Monday, April 07, 2014

The Ion Age February Mini

Interstellar Envoy
15 mm

The Zin Envoy was Ion Age's limited edition mini from this February.  I'm surprised at how fast I got this mini done... by my standards at least.  Anyway it's a great figure, alas now unavailable but if you have one, have a go at it.  I really tried to glam him up, and so it was a lot of fun to paint.

The Ambassador has a stroke of luck - a Very Strange Alien appears just
as he needs to send an urgent encrypted message to the homeworld.


  1. I like this mini, although a little large to go with several manufacturers' figures, but a great figure, to which you have done justice Allison- excellent!

  2. Never liked that mini. Till now. The color scheme is well chosen IMHO. Has a comic flavor to it (Mandarin from Ironman -haven't seen the 3rd movie but I know the character from the comicbooks-).

    I mean, look at spacejacker's take on it. While I like it being red, it's the obvious choice if you ask me, so yours stand out in the crowd :)

  3. Thanks all!

    Gunrunner: I _have_ noticed these guys are big. Like, a few mm taller than Khurasan figures big. It's what prevented me from staging this guy's second pic with an honour guard of DEVGRU SEALs... "Aren't you a little short for stormtroopers?"

    javi: Hmm, Mandarin? It's a fair comparison. I think I just went with the complement of the colour on the Ion Age's web site. I just noticed I did my previous mini in the same two colours, oddly enough. As for Spacejacker, I just signed up for Instagram solely to see and post on his photos there. Though I see he just posted his version of this guy on his blog :D


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