Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Ion Age March Mini

Female Muster Officer
15 mm

"Your papers, please."

As I mentioned in my last post, Gavin at Ion Age was nice enough to comp me this month's limited edition mini when he re-sent my order.  So I figured I'd paint it up first.  I like the pose here, as you can see it reminds me of a border guard or sentry though it could be a combat hand signal too. The sentry box is from Germy.co.uk, home of a number of nice paper buildings.

As a side note, I noticed Ion Age minis are visibly larger than some other 15 mm minis I have; this one is a mm or two taller than my Khurasan SEAL team.  Probably fine to use together, though.


  1. Looks female to me. Gotta love two things in the hobby; miniatures unarmed or in non combat actitudes and females that feel equal (not oversexualized) to men. This minis seems to have both features, hooray!

    I got exactly the same feeling, a sentry that doesn't see much action. Maybe Germy's building needs a red alarm button.

    Love it, specially the interaction between uniform and base decoration. You nailed the hue. Perhaps not so keen on flesh-hair contrast. Looks like fleshtone has too much yellow on it to be next to something orange-ish so maybe (I'm no expert) a fleshtone rich in magenta (on the pinky side instead of tan, VMC brown rose i.e.) would enhace the overall look.

    As she's asking someone to show his papers, next pannel should feature a closeup of the other limied fig, the chinese emperor raising an eyebrow :)

  2. Nice job Allison like the colour scheme and that great little building in the background.

  3. Well, I agree with your assessment of the mini as a border guard- excellent casting (I mean of the theatrical variety, as well as the centrifugal type). Your usual expertise is on show, and thanks for the heads up about Germy's buildings- after I've scoped the blogs I'll toddle on over to take a look! Best wishes.

  4. Gorgeous! I recently ordered the Zin Ambassador and a pack of pistol-wielding types. They are indeed a little on the large side compared to my collection. The very thick bases do not help either. I find that slight scale differences are usually not that noticeable though. Aside from the Rebel minis gun clerics- they look like damn hobbits next to everything else. Disappointing.

  5. Lovely blog post thanks. I will relate it on the Ion Age blog. The March miniature was popular and it hit the nail on the head in terms of the look and the function. You chaps state exactly what we were aiming for. Ion Age miniatures are 15mm scale but as with everything it tends to mean different things to different people.



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