Monday, March 03, 2014

Diecast Drive-by

I just made a few good finds in the grocery store while on an emergency cat food run.  Inspired by Spacejacker's amazing Hot Wheels repaints, I thought they might work as 15mm scale vehicles.  First, the "International MXT", in desert drab:

Wow!  Probably a bit off-scale, but it looks perfect next to some average minis.  This is a real military truck, but not so well-known you can't field it as a fictional one.  Detail is a bit soft, but I don't know if that's from the casting or the kid-proof paint layer.  Apparently even this durable paint can be stripped with solvents or oven cleaner, but the metal body has to be separated from the plastic frame and wheels.

Next up we have this tracked dump truck thingy.  Some greasy sci-fi potential here, for sure.  The cab is not at all big enough to be 1:100/15mm, but I still feel like something could be done with it, or at least the track portion could be used as the basis for a kit bash:

There are probably a bunch more interesting things available along these lines; I've been keeping an eye out for that cool fire engine Spacejacker used, but no luck so far...


  1. I didn't strip mine or in fact prep them in any way at all beyond gluing the wheels still. The details may seem a little soft, but it looks better once there's a coat of matte paint on. Some sharp highlighting basically fixes this too.

    Good luck!

  2. That dump-truck looks cool, I'll be keeping an eye out for that.

  3. Very cool for both look forward to see the them with new blingy paint jobs!

  4. Work your magic on them Allison- they'll look great!

  5. As soon as I've seen the diecast toy spacejacker's last entries came to mind.

    Smells like a fun project as prepping will be almost nonexistent and painting should be more forgiving than doing minis. Will be looking forward your results :) ah, the joys of toy bashing...

    1. Yeah... I managed to make prep much more complicated by separating the metal body and trying to strip the paint. Brake fluid didn't work at all, but overnight in oven cleaner seems to have done the trick, though I'll still have to pick paint out of the crevices with a dental tool. Spacejacker's approach is a lot easier not to mention less toxic!

      "Toy bashing"?... I love it!


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