Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shia Khan conversions (and big news)

Garafraxian Black Guards
15 mm

The quasi-humanoid, photosynthetic Garafraxians (colloquially called "Chloros") use heavy armour to protect their fragile bodies during combat.  Their long eye stalks give them excellent depth perception and peripheral vision however, so they generally extend them out of their suits except when in immediate danger.  The suits are lined with red-LED arrays to maintain their metabolism far away from their home star's nourishing rays.

We have another baby on the way... arriving in only a few weeks now, whoa! So I expect that I'll be posting pretty sporadically for a while.  But just like last time, I'll be back, so stay tuned :)

I did want to squeeze in at least one more fun project before our due date, however.  I wasn't sure what to do with these cool Shia Khan Pioneers when I ordered them, but once I got a good look at them I knew I couldn't not convert them into something weirder.

As Chloro shock troops poured in from the docking ring, Fett found himself
in the uncomfortable position of fleeing away from his ride off the station.

Kind of a goofy B-movie look here, but I like it.  All I really did was stick in wires with drops of epoxy on the ends, and sculpt the tentacle/pincer things over their human hands.  Well within my constraints of talent, fortunately.


  1. Congratulations! Nice eye-stalks, also.

  2. That's an amazing very good looking team you have there.
    The fluff is nice too.

  3. Nice work Allison, and many congratulations to you and your wife for the forthcoming birth- lots of nice sleepless nights to come!!

    1. Thanks... Ain't that the truth. Maybe this baby will let me wear it while I paint ;)

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  5. brilliant googl-y eyes!

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  7. Great work and excellent painting too. Well done. Keep on surprising me.


  8. Sorry hadn't time to comment but I still think the same as the 1st time I took a look at this post; they give me the same feel as the aliens in robert buetner's "orphan" novels. Your's are just bipedal! Great job.


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