Sunday, March 03, 2013

Under the Sea

Sea Devil
28 mm

Whether you call them Sea Devils, Deep Ones, or CODENAME BLUE HADES, these quasi-amphibianoids have lurked under the waves since before humans tamed fire... waiting for their chance to reclaim the planet from uppity apes.  Consequently they and their Silurian relatives clashed several times with the Doctor, who was sympathetic to their wish for a living space on Earth, but not their violent methods.

Video: Doctor Who - The Sea Devils

Despite the simple colour scheme it was surprisingly difficult to finish this one.  The base had to be ripped apart and totally redone, as my first attempt at water (using clear acrylic medium with a little paint added) made it look like he was emerging from an ocean of green Kool-Aid.  So now it looks a little rough, unfortunately.


  1. Rough to you, but pretty darn sweet to me!

  2. Great basing and excellent work on the outfit, very nice!

  3. Thanks, thought there's only so much you can do with an alien who thinks wearing an old fishnet is fashionable ;)

    I should add that one other problem with modeling shallow water this way, with gloss medium, is not that it looks bad, but that it rarely photographs as well as it looks. And you have to be super, super careful about trying to give it a hint of colour, otherwise... Kool-Aid ocean. I got lucky with the first time I used it and have been trying to replicate that ever since.

  4. Another great BBC mini Allison, great job!

  5. Another great BBC mini Allison, great job!

  6. The natural skin tones are very nice. Splendid color choices.

  7. mnnnnnn... he came out of the sea (a.k.a home to him) with his fancy bath robe :D

    Couldn't stress enough how much I love this one, nice job.


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