Saturday, February 23, 2013

K-9 (sort of finished)

K-9 Mk IV
28 mm scale

Sarah Jane Smith isn't finished yet, but here's K-9!  On a quick temporary base so I can admire him while I work.

K-9 Mk IV was given to Sarah Jane Smith by the Tenth Doctor, after the events of the episode "School Reunion".  He appeared in the spin off series "The Sarah Jane Adventures" which I've never seen, but suspect was only average.


  1. The only doctor Who I watched was in the actual 70's-80's, so the Tom Baker one is my favorite. K9 was pretty cool, I remember him having a laser gun nose and radar ears. His stairs disadvantage was his only real bad point compared to the average assistant. Except Leela.

  2. Very cool! Looking forward to Sarah Jane.

  3. You must be dog tired after.... no, hang on, there was enough punning on Jay's post- I think I'll leave it. Lovely treatment of couple of classic TV characters, Allison. Always had a soft spot for Daleks!

  4. Nicely done. This was the main doctor I watched as well. Great stuff look forward to seeing more Doctor related mini's

  5. Thanks everyone. SJ: I think K-9 began to ascend stairs around the same time Daleks did, which is to say, post-2000.

    I really like these Doctor Who minis and wish I had more time to paint them, they are definitely a trip down memory lane at times.

  6. Very nice painting, Mr. Allison. And a really entertaining final blog-knockout- punch with the Dalek-K9 encounter...hilarious (IMO)!

  7. Poor dalek :D

    That " ! " made me remember that old Metal Gear Solid game.

    I like the simple but effective shading on the metal (right under the K-9 part, i.e.)


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