Friday, February 08, 2013

Two Doctor Who projects

Our whole household has been sidelined by a nasty flu this past couple of weeks, but just as a sign I'm still alive, I'm currently trying to work on a pair (trio?) of classic Doctor Who figures:

Sarah Jane Smith with the cybernetic dog K-9, and a Sea Devil, all from Black Tree Miniatures.  Not much done so far, I'm afraid, but... yeah.  The flu sucks :(


  1. where did you get the K-9 figure would love to get my hands on that as he is a robot Scottie (I have 2 real ones at home)
    Peace James

  2. I thought "man flu" was a euphemism for a hangover?! ;)

    JB: The K-9 is from Black Tree, here's a link: It's not the most perfect cast ever, but it's unmistakeably K-9 !

  3. Nice figures, bring back good memories of "the" day.

  4. K-9 would look nice painted with vallejo model air silver (really shiny metals and can be used with brush) and just a subtle glaze of blue ink...

    BTW, may the flu be with you ! I've been like that for 3 weeks :/ get well soon or try praising nurgle instead!


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