Saturday, March 09, 2013

Award Ceremony

This is an idea I've had for a while.  Looking back (8 years!) on my blog, I've had a number of visitors over the years, as usual coming and going over time.  But I have to say, there's one guy who just keeps coming back , since March 2006 in fact.

So, javi, this award is for you, my most loyal reader :)

It's easy to forget that the things we do online do have impact, positive or negative, on actual people in the real world.  So to everyone who visits here, thanks for reading!  And for those who leave comments, they're always appreciated.


  1. C'mon... you'll gonna make that guy blush! (2006! ...he must be masochist).

    Looking from the other side, it's always refreshing to randomly check a blog you like once a week and find something you actually care about since it's a departure from what the vast majority of modellers usually do (armies for mainstream wargames, ego boosting thru insanely overcomplicated painting or gossip about new releases).

    You often provide good stuff to look at along a nice read.

    To sum it up, it doesn't take a Golden Demon winner to inspire others' work.


  2. Well since there's no chance of me winning a Demon any time soon, I'm happy to hear it ;D Thanks! And believe me, the inspiration is a two-way street, some of the comments I've received here have given me really good ideas, to say nothing of when I spy a new commenter and proceed to check out their work.

  3. You and Spacejacker have played a significant role in my development as a painter. There's no question that these blogs do change lives. Thanks for being such a lighthouse in this crazy world.


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