Monday, April 20, 2009

Yith Master

80 mm

Well, I think this thing came out looking pretty much the way I wanted it to look - alien but not garish. I considered making the colours a lot darker/grungier, but this pretty much is how HPL described the Yithians, for once something that wasn't shadowy and ichorous.

- - -

In response to javi's comment: the grey parts are just grey, except where they blend into coloured areas. As for the base, I didn't even really want to have one - it's a free-standing creature - but I think it worked out all right, and it'll save me from a bunch of CoolMiniOrNot comments saying "if this had a base I'd like it better" so I made it out of card stock and foamcore. The plain octagonal floor slabs are as described in the original text.


  1. That's a HUGE improvement from the last pic I seen of this fellow. Neat color choices.

    The brown-grey parts (do you still remember its recipe?)are superb, looks like there are traces of green on the pincers and transitions between the head and the red parts work so well that maybe the top of the cone and its most prominent (vertical) strips should be done in the same fashion.

    The white spots on the eyes make them look deep but not evil cause they are just pitch black.

    I specially like the background for he image but the base is too minimalist. It has a touch of unearthy feel (hexagons on it as far as I can see) but feels like laks more complex carvings for such an ancient wise and bizzarre species.


  2. Hiya! I was aware of your YITH from CMoN, but just wanted you to know I stumbled upon it in another blog while googling 'lovecraft'....'supervike'


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