Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wehrmacht H39 gun
15 mm scale

Just finished one more WW2 mini, another gift from my brother. Very kind of him. This is an assault gun Germany made from a captured French tank. I'm happy to say my results with static grass were much better here than in the past. It looks vaguely like grass.

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  1. javi (too lazy to login)8:17 pm, April 17, 2009

    lol, serious pinning job here, from now on you'll be known as the impaler.

    The tank is great and you still manage go pay so much attention to details like the almost unnoticeable when finished track marks in the mud.

    You really need a hobbyst-self-confidence boost. Your work may not be so sophisticated to be considered the next step in the miniature painting history but you have a nice and clean style, which IMHO says a lot.

    Flashier minies most of the time are crying out to be paid high at ebay or ego-steroid injections to people that love to go contests and check a lot mine's-bigger-tan-yours sites.

    Yeah, something minis says alot of the person that painted it and it doesn't take a 10 rated mini to show its painter's love.

    Yoda spoken has.


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