Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Home for Easter, I found a few things I painted a long time ago. I think these were done around 1990-1992, when I was in high school. They actually don't look too bad to me now, but I think that's probably more an indication of how little I've developed in the intervening time, rather than any precocious show of talent.

What's available to paint has come a long way too... back then the range of characters to choose from tended a lot more towards basic sci-fi and fantasy tropes. There was some unusual stuff, but if it wasn't available at a local store... it wasn't available. No eBay, of course: what a grim and joyless world, I don't know how I survived.

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  1. booya! I know we painters always underrate our own creations but that was way too much.

    Back at those hobby dark ages there were no flashy techniques (SENMMWTF!?) nor tutorials to achieve this or copy that (I pity Ciryl's armor wear style being copied so much) arround, you were lucky if you found an article explaining how to drybrush (a top noch technique used for everything that nowadays is almost low class painting only allowed for fur and hair pieces)

    Believe me when I say those are far above tabletop (almost high standard) for the 90s I remember lots (ehem*) of people proud of their minis just cause the face as painted in pink as opposite of the rest of the mini that was just te color of the uniform it was meant to wear.

    Wow, again I may sound like an old war vet :D

    Clean paintjob, lovable minis.

    Tomorrown on your fanclub forum we'll speak about...


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