Friday, July 14, 2006


Four Davids

I painted this as a birthday gift for my friend... David! I hope he likes it... I am a little worried that it's actually tacky garage-sale art and I just don't realize it yet. But it was fun to paint. I based the faces on a photo which I ran through GIMP's "threshold" filter to get the strong contrast.


  1. The blue one looks very matrix, and the black one looks very sin city, very nice

  2. Holy Andy War-hole! lol

    I actually would like to see yellow replaced by green. You know, like RGB tv stuff, so you could put them 3 in a row slighly yugstapose them so it would appear a full color zone where all three colors meet.

    I know I sound like a f*cking hippie.

    Maybe it's me but the yellow mass invades the black so it doesn't look pure black, was it made on purpose?

    Damn guy, my friends didn't even buy me a beer..


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