Friday, June 30, 2006

Mini Exchange 8

Sent to "TAB Studio" (Florida):

Gabrielle and Xena (Ground Zero), Bruder Gustav (Ilyad), Midori Monk (Reaper), Crested Felldrake (Chainmail), Nurgling (Games Workshop; not shown)

Received from "DrEvilMonki": Nothing :(
After his repeated inquiries whether the package had arrived... it did not. It just vanished somewhere between GB and here :( Such a shame. So instead I'm going to paint something sent to me in a previous exchange by Valloa.

The King
40 mm

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  1. Huh? what does it mean? GB royal mail is great and in the past I've dealed with canadian ebayers and their mail service proved to be quite good too... It's so sad it got lost.

    Once someone got his stuff destroyed cause it was a greenstuff order and it seems that kneadatite can be mistaken by plastic explosive so the mail guys made a controlated detonation just in case it was really C4 :) Freaky, postmen should buy defuse kits each round! Maybe evilmonki sent you an original sculpt and... who knows.

    About the mini, I didn't know those were already on production. Isn't this 40mm guy a chess piece? Time ago I think I saw a pawn and I loved it's warmachine look.

    Oh, thanks for the link :) Maybe someday I'll sculpt a gordon freeman tribute. Maybe cooking a headcrab like a marshmallow (headcrabs sure taste like chicken), or maybe scratching his nuts... mini's title would be "got crabs?" I sure have to work on this.



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