Sunday, April 02, 2006


A few things I'm working on right now:

Nurgle Champion and Cthulhu. I might enter the former in the Toronto Golden Demon competition in May if he turns out well.

Some more 15 mm WW2 stuff: a German 8-rad armored car and an Allied Universal Carrier.

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  1. I guess people won't vote hight for such an old school mini. They are too... can't find the appropiate word but someties people's taste tells them those oldies don't fit well into the nowadays GW universe.

    On contrary, the older, the better for me.

    Concerning to Cthulhu... I'd love to see him on a R'lyeh base with 2 tiny sailors on it. Poor lil' men loosing their small bain's sanity :D

    Don't miss the first person survival horror "Call o Cthulhu DARK CORNERS OF THE EARTH" now its like $15 USD and will please to any HPlovecraft's fans. Don't expect defuse kits here, no weapons nor hud at sight. Just investigate, face any HPL horror in FP, turn nuts and run! Oh, once you get a damn iron you don't have crosshair... just keep your arm steady and shoot like in real life (if you don't end up swallowing your gun and hitting the trigger fisrt :)


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