Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lord of Rot

Chaos Champion of Nurgle
35 mm

Got this guy on eBay, his tab says "1988" so he's a little bit vintage. I'm painting him as a devotee of Nurgle, the Chaos god of contagion and decay, and I've sculpted a plague base similar to this one.

Also, some 15 mm bailed-out vehicle crew markers for Flames of War.


  1. I have always really liked that Chaos champion... Excellent mini to paint up :)

  2. I agree with Zaph, that mini is one of my old faves. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for this one.

  3. Awesome mini, I can't wait to see it finished (oldschool minis or bust) hope you better add some more detail to the base like the mini shown on CMON (wow :o ) Maybe a hideous pink tentacle coming out that chinmey and coiling up over the sword (but not touching it)? Then add iridiscent green dynamic ilumination to the sword and boila!

    About the 15 mm crew... are one of 'em wounded in the head !? I need to check that one closer. Imma great fan of 15 mm minis but didn't paint any myself yet. (looking forwards some 15 mm sci-fi)

    Thanks for your comment too! I've revamped all posts with a little of english text due to your visit. From now on people will be able to know whats going on @ lazyminis, lol. I'll give you props for that later on.



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