Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm still alive...



  1. that's beautiful Allison, nice work.

  2. Thanks for the blog comment on my webcomic. Yes, I am a sick bastard (my webcomic is my outlet), and yes, it's about birds (although I'm sure there are other species of animals that feed their offspring via regurgitation).

    See you on Fark.

  3. I really dig for those style of paintings. Even looking that simple or abstract the colors on it say alot. Looks like some kind of supernatural void or sky to me, like testing palettes for the game "Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver" (wich heavily used spirals and circles as marks and greens as the color representing unnatural glows). I loved the artwork for that game... just add contrasts between dark blue/purple shapes in those stuff on your painting and youll end having a creepy unearthy landscape.


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