Saturday, October 08, 2005

The shame!

I haven't updated in... 38 days. But then, I haven't really painted anything either. Of course that didn't stop me from BUYING some more minis... in this case some 1980's vintage figures off eBay:

Chaos champion and mummy

Knight, sci-fi mercenary, space dwarf, and two "Techmarines" (with pistols raised)


  1. I like the one in the lower left corner - it's head looks like a radish.

  2. He's a dwarf... He has a huge nose and beard hidden behind that rifle.

  3. Well, 38 days.....

    I hope you enjoyed the time off....cause the blogging world needs you!

    Keep posting your cool(mini or not?)'s to the web so we can say to ourselves..."How did he paint that?...Its so small!"

    Keep rockin the canvas painting too.

  4. That chaos champ is a kick butt figure. I always wanted one of those :D


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