Thursday, October 20, 2005

"It's a trap!"

Well, my secret project is done... soon it will be revealed. In the meantime I've just started a new mini:

Admiral Ackbar
25 mm

He's pretty simple so I'll be able to get him done quickly and keep my momentum up.

(This one's dedicated to my homies at the forums, who posted this image so often it became an irritating cliche, surpassed only by the kitten in volume of usage)


  1. I wonder if the Admiral is in some way related to DR. JOHN ZOIDBERG.

    It would be nice to know. Good luck on the mini.

  2. No, I certainly didn't sculpt him myself! I picked him up on eBay a while back with a bunch of other Star Wars minis :)

  3. How goes the battle here? I am interested to see your finsihed piece :)


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