Monday, August 29, 2005

Another little painting

Just a quickie of a locally available subject - I'm still practicing blending and mixing colours, and shading.



  1. Holy Crap Allison, that's the cutest darn thing ever. Mango is flattered no doubt, and Chutney is probably furiously chewing off Mango's whiskers in jealousy! Great subject and great painting.

    Feedback: I like his face the best, his hip looks a little funny.

  2. Hey Allison,

    nice job, and probably a good model that doesnt move around too much.

    I am curious if you sketch the paintings out before hand...Robert Bateman style...or do you go straight to the paint?

    I am curious if Mango was paid in liver treats for posing so nicely.

  3. This was based on a previous sketch, abut twice as big. Then re-sketched in light gray pencil crayon for the painting. Mango did not "pose" for long. I had to use some photos as a reference for his markings while painting.

  4. Wow....why didn't you share this one with me? It's adorable! And if you haven't figured out who this is, then I'm not getting drunk and being your comedy partner anymore.

    A friend who doesn't have a blog.


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