Thursday, July 11, 2019

Holy Heavies

Xin Armormonks
15 mm

Armormonks provide heavy backup for the Xin's infantry forces.  Their enhanced armor is impenetrable to hand weapons, and their gunstaffs are both a power-polearm and heavy plasma blaster.  The monks have a reputation as jovial ascetics, but in combat they are deadly and terrifying, with even a small number often routing a determined enemy and turning the tide of battle.

Wow... nice to get back into 15mm sci-fi!  I've taken a real detour lately, even if it was for some amazing models.  I know these guys aren't  my best work, but they turned out all right, and fit in nicely with the previous Xin I've done:

"I suddenly feel much braver!"
The Xin are Ion Age models from Alternative Armies.


  1. Very nice. I'll be painting mine all in red.

  2. Always loved the sculpts, now I do even more. Great choice of colours, Allsion!

  3. They're really cool sculpts and you did a great job on them, looking good!

  4. "jovial ascetics" :D

    Are you really into ion age or you just like the minis? I guess you could be an awesome starfinder dungeon master with such collection of 15mm sci-fi figs you should have by now...

    1. I haven't played an RPG or tabletop wargame since grade 8. I just play with toy soldiers ;)

    2. That really sounds like the politicians' inner speech going on while they talk something else in public.

      Sad to know. Grown ups should reconquer lúdic activities again. Maybe once kids grow up that time will come.

      Cheer pal.


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